Sexy briefs on your woman give you the visual you are looking for to keep that spark alive in your bedroom. These award-winning briefs with an open crotch are part of our fetish underwear collection here at Peaches and Screams. These hot briefs give you the black wet latex look with an open crotch for added pleasure and added excitement for you as well as for your partner. Rubber briefs are a new trend growing over the past few yearsin popularity. They are sexy and sleek but also kinky enough to heat up your bedroom. These hot wet look briefs are made of 100% latex and conformto your figure like a hotsleek glove. As you feel the latex cling to your body, wrap around your curves leaving your crotch wide open for pleasure, you will begin to feel sexy, and you will begin to feel your sexual desires open. These shiny black briefs give easy access to everything you donot want to hide from your lover. Easy access gives youeasy pleasure as well. These briefs are fun, allowing your partner to tickle, tease, tantalize, and maybe even penetrate without undressing you fully. You could even wear these sleek and shiny latex briefs and touch yourself bringing yourself pleasure but also teasing and tantalizing your partner as you play alone in front of them. Try out a pair of the sexy open crotch latex briefs here at Peaches and Screams. And open your bedroom to awhole new sex life of hotsleek, sexy undergarments made to fit your exact frame but also to tease and tantalize your lover. Get bold. Get Brave. Try on some sexy latex crotchless briefs in your bedroom today Suspender Stockings.


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