Building a business brand was not easy in the early days. Especially when in it comes to clothing, since there is a massive competition, it was not an easy task to build a reputation in the market. But in the present day with the use of social media, you have the chance to build a business model and a better customer base. It is a known factor that billions of people are using social media today and it has become a very powerful tool.

When it comes to social media, Instagram is one of the main social media platforms available in the world today. This was introduced in 2010 and now with its parent company, Facebook, they are going in a very successful way. Instagram has more than 800 million active users now and with that kind of an amount of users, the things you can do is limitless. So the answer is yes, you can build a clothing brand just through Instagram. Following are some tactics and methods that you can use to build your clothing brand through Instagram.

Add a high quality profile image with high resolution

Profile image is the factor which affect the most for the first impression. So it is important to use a high quality image in profile image. And it should be something that must get planted in people’s mind. You can use your logo which is the best to use as profile image or you can use something that tells about your brand and products.

Create a professional bio with your portfolio

You should give a special attention to this, because it tells all about you; what you are, what are you selling, why they should trust you and etc. So you should keep your bio clean and should use correct words in it to keep it error free. This will convince the audience that you are a professional brand that will last long and you are a brand that they can count on.

Bulk follow and unfollow

By following this method you can get your competitors’ followers following your profile. What you have to do is, find the best profiles in the same page of yours which have the most followers and start following them. Most of them will follow back you increasing your number of followers. You can use an application to unfollow the users who are not following you back. Keep in mind to use this method in a low profile because Instagram will not encourage these things. This is just a tactic to bring up your followers.

Create great content

There will be no use of having thousands of followers if your content is not in high quality and great. You will be promoting yourself to prove that you are not a good brand and you can’t be trusted. So it is important to have good and effective content that can attract the users. When you are posting your posts, do it in different ways. Do not stick in to the same usual content. Make it more attractive and you can use tactics like giveaways, guest hosts and customer of the week to keep your followers more motivated and interacted with you.

You can also think about having giveaways where you can give out business gifts. Your followers would be interested in getting such business gifts and you can easily boost the business visibility Company Branded Products.

Use the correct hashtags and filters

Hashtags are really important because when users search through keywords, you should have used the correct hashtag, so that your name will also appear in the search result list. Therefore, you should use more effective hashtags in your posts and products. Hashtags you use must be specific, innovative and relevant so that you will be directed to the targeted audience. Therefore it is really important to be more thoughtful when deciding on hashtags.

When it comes to filters, there are filters that have become the favorite of most of the Instagram users. When they are liking and following, they favor the profiles which have used their favorite filters. So be more aware about what filters used mostly, so that you can use them on your posts which will cause for the rise of your Instagram followers.

Final words

Now you are aware of how to promote your clothing business with the help of Instagram. You should pay more attention towards these tips and they can help you secure excellent results at the end of the day.

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