Today’s I’mgonna show you how to sign up to Victoria Hearts dating site.

A few words about this dating site

Victoria Hearts itself is cozy with simple navigation and friendly design that create an ideal environment to meet for the first time and develop meaningful conversations. New profiles of attractive women emerge daily and its matching algorithms quickly discover the most compatible women. That has the most promise for online communication and eventually meeting offline.

So,let’s start with registration!

You can choose whether you are looking for a guy or a girl, enter your name, date of birth, your email and password. You can read terms and other information by clicking on Terms link. Then click “Register”.

To begin you must fill out a short questionnaire. First questions are “I’m looking for” in “looking for a long-term relationship”. Second, you have to choose the age of your partner. Then does she have children? Next one does she want more children. To choose her height and choose her weight. Of course, what is her body type? I like slim, for example. To the next questions are very important. Does she drink or smoke? This is the end of questions about your partner.

After that, you must fill out a questionnaire about yourself. It is very similar to the previous questions. In order not to waste your time. I skipped this part of the questionnaire. You can fill up later after the questionnaire. You need to add your photo or skip this step and make it a letter. I need to find my best photo in the final step. Is to check the girls that matching algorithms spot for you and click finish. To finish your the registration you have to confirm your mail and that’s all you are the member of Victoria Hearts dating site!Also, to have a great experience with dating you should read the Victoria Hearts review!

Good Luck!

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